In today's world of time-strapped employees, it's important to keep the focus on customers — not on internal rules, processes and bull shit that gets in the way of productive interactions.

CSOCommon Sense Officer – The go-to person to act rationally, solve problems and work without regard for company policy. Isn't assigned to one department and knows the business better than anyone.  She may be a semi-retired industry veteran with a hatred for corporate policy and love for the industry and efficiency.

ICAImportant Customer Advisor – The person assigned to your most influential accounts that advises them on which products to purchase, how to purchase (finance, lease, purchase) and how to implement the products? This person gets paid handsomely, not on commission, to make sure these customers keep doing business with you.

Director of Customer Experience – A person who proactively seeks out areas where customers get screwed — hidden fees, fine print, non-transparency, poor design, etc. This person is judged by how many complaints vs. how many positive reviews the company receives. NetPromoter score also a key performance metric. Has a healthy budget and never-ending list of approvements.

VP of Next Generation Customers
– The person responsible for person who has a ridiculous budget to gain favor for the company and its products amongst students and children. Donations, Volunteering, Partnerships, Workshops, Giveaways and Sponsorships are order of the day.

Frontline Reporter – The person responsible for collecting and relaying information about bad business practices to the CSO, CEO, COO and Director of Customer Experience. Similar to the CSO, but with less authority.

The next time you're frustrated about how things are handled at your company, just think if you could turn to someone in one these roles and trust that something would get done to fix it. Customers, employees and suppliers would be lined up around the corner to work with this company. 

Do you know anyone in these types of roles? Are they awesome to work with and turn to with issues?