A Call for Transparency in Blog Commenting

"Great article", says Making Money Online.

"Loved your interesting story about whales", says Whale Expert AK.

No one starts a blog without expecting some level of two-way dialogue to naturally happen. In fact, that's why most people start blogs — to share their ideas.

Then, through powerful search algorithms, social recommendations and a necessary dash of self promotion to get the former started, there ideas begin to be heard.

Then, once their ideas begin to be heard, some commenters  see opportunity to steal traffic, redirect eyeballs and turn a profit.

The last part of the equation is fine with me, as long as there is value in the comments, and transparent motives.

What amateur traffic stealers and link builders don't understand is that, like most things of value, there are mechanisms built in protect the innocent and defeat the selfish. In the case of blog commenting, that mechanism is the nofollow link placed inside of virtually link that is attached to a blog commenter's name.

You've been notified.

Unless you're expecting quality referral traffic from the link you attach to your name, or bullshit keyword phrase for that matter, it's not worth the effort to try to get around the system.

Why not?

Because it's automated on every popular bloggin platform.

Another reason. OK. Any blogger that allows comments and is worried about their reputation is notified when their blog receives a comment, and is able to unpublish it.

Social media is rewarding when it's used correctly, even if you're not a heavy content creator.

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