Ad Age – Search Marketing Report

Here is a report I found from Advertising Age related to SEO and search marketing. The report cameAdvertisingagelogo
out in November, 2007, but the information is useful nonetheless.

Some interesting findings from the report:

Web-based Search

  • Search Marketing Click Through Rate (CTR) = 11.5 percent in 2007.
  • Google accounts for 56.5 % of U.S. searches, compared to 23.3% for Yahoo!.
    • Google search share up 9.9% (YOY)
    • Yahoo! search share down 6.5% (YOY)
  • The percentage breakdown of the number of Words per Successful Search Phrase:
    1 word      21.68%
    2 words    25.00%
    3 words    22.03%
    4 words    14.33%

Mobile Search

  • There are 31.1 million mobile Internet users, 75 percent of whom use mobile search as well (23.3 million).
  • 22% of all mobile phone users use mobile search.

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