Black Friday – A penny saved is a penny earned

Black Friday is one of the strangest days of the year. Millions of people flock to stores, leaving somewhat disappointed (the items are sold out, need to get a rain check, have to wait in line for hours, etc.)

Overall though, most customers are satisfied. 

After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

My Story
At Kohl’s today, there were people lined up around the entire store waiting to check out. I left. 50 percent is only 10 dollars after all. However, most people stayed.

Rather than acting like me, most people plan ahead. They bring friends and family — which does two things.

1. For Shoppers
It allows shoppers to put someone in line to hold their spot.

2. For Retailers
It allows more eyes to gander at the savings, allowing for more additional purchases.

Could retailers open more lines? Yes.

However, waiting is part of the game. It’s an experience. A story.

To some, it’s ridiculous. To others, Black Friday is a holiday in itself; a journey to find the right gifts at the lowest prices.

The equation that retailers continually try to satisfy is the right balance between allowed annoyance and delivering the advertised specials. How much of a discount is the right incentive to gain visitors and cause some "incidental", yet expected pain?

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