Business Profile: Lulu

Lulu is one of the neatest services I’ve seen in a long time, and I have been meaning to talk about it Lulu logo
for a while.

What is Lulu?
Lulu provides short-run manufacturing of books for self publishers, among other things. It basically allows anyone to write and create a physical, paperback book. In addition, Lulu provides services for reviewing content, editing, formatting, and promoting your book.

The Pros

  • The service is flexible. You can choose to print one copy, one hundred or one thousand. The quantity is up to you.
  • The prices are  pretty affordable.
    • 35 copies of a 150-page book, black and white and bound = $243   ($6.92/copy)
    • 100 copies of a 85-page book in full color and bound – $1550   ($15.50/copy)
  • Lulu offers a free online store front to help you sell your masterpiece without the upfront production cost commitments typically associated with printing.
  • You can get your ISBN number
  • A wide range of services for editing, formatting and promoting your work.

The Cons

  • Lulu doesn’t give cash advances to authors to allow them to quit your day job while you work on your masterpiece.
  • Lulu doesn’t provide data about the number of authors who sell fewer than 500 copies to strangers (most) or just how many books get published each year (thousands).

Have you or someone you know used Lulu? If so, let me know. I have been thinking about writing a basic guide to marketing for a while and Lulu seems like the perfect route for it.

Any feedback you have would be much appreciated.

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