Change the Rules

A problem that some companies face is that the way they’ve always attracted customers and made sales changes.

Here are some examples you can probably relate to:

  • Sales numbers are down.
  • Customer retention rates are down.
  • Customer service calls are up.
  • Direct mail begins yielding lower and lower, or dare I say, negative returns on investment.
  • A ground swell of customer service mistakes leads to anti-company forums, blogs and web sites.
  • The seminars and conferences you used to host and fill with eager bodies are being canceled or filled with people there solely for the free lunch.
  • Newspapers aren’t bringing qualified job candidates to your HR department.
  • E-mail blasts have a click-through rate lower than five percent.

The question is, how do you market to people who have less and less time to take in your message?

How do you grow your sales ten percent in a market that’s growing less than three percent per year?

Today is the best day to start changing the rules.

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