Cool tools for Internet Marketing

My company, Relevante Marketing, recently released a few tools for small business owners.

The tools are free.

They are intended to help you forecast ROI for Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Internet Marketing as a whole. 

Give them a try. Any feedback you have is much appreciated.

Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator

Internet Marketing ROI Calculator

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  1. Thanks for the tools! This will be a great help for our first time trying search engine optimization services. We’re doing it for the website of our local shop here in Indianapolis. SEO is kinda new to us so we don’t have much of a clue about if we’ll get enough revenue to at least compensate what we paid for the SEO firm. Our website are getting a lot of clicks lately though, ever since we hired firms to promote our website via SEO. Indianapolis has a lot of great SEO firms so we’re quite confident with the outcome – we’re just not sure about the investment.


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