Customer Service in action; Print Place shines

Late Friday afternoon (3:30 – 4:00pm) I was ordering brochures. I placed the order online and then submitted my artwork to the Web site by uploading the files.

Then comes the curveball.

Rather than being able to view my proofs online, both front and back, I was only able to see one side. So, I called a customer service representative. I actually spoke with this same representative beforehand, to ask about the ordering and artwork submission process. During my second call, she mentioned that they were having problems with the electronic proofs.

She assured me that the problem would be resolved, but she didn’t know when. Since I could wait until Monday, I stopped worrying about the problem, trusting that it would be corrected by then. It turns out, not only did the problem get corrected, but the same customer service representative followed up via e-mail on Saturday afternoon. So, if I did need the brochures soon, I could have quickly reviewed the proofs and sent them to press.

I’d like to give a tip of my hat to the customer service team at PrintPlace. Print Place logo

Many companies would have sent out a mass e-mail to everyone that had ordered after a certain time. Not this employee, nor this company. She took it upon herself to follow through, with a personalized e-mail, to a customer with whom she’d work with earlier. As a display of gratitude, I sent her a personal e-mail saying thanks.

Now, I have a relationship with her and her company. The next time I need printing done, there is no choice. It’s already made.

If you need printing done, I’d recommend PrintPlace. There prices are the lowest I have seen, they don’t gauge you on shipping and they have, in my eyes, great customer service. If you’re worried about quality, request a sample pack. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. nice article. customer service and customer friendliness is very important.


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