Dogs Blog?

Unannounced to me,  some people blog on behalf of their pets.
Here’s a link to an interesting, yet strange article from CNN.

From the article…

Psychologist Larina Kase of Philadelphia says there are countless reasons people blog on behalf of their pets. "Pets are part of the family, yet we can’t communicate with them about many things, so pet owners may blog about their pets as a way to better understand how their pets think and feel," she says.

And blogging in such a way, Kase says, can help a person connect with other humans, too.

"People bond over shared interests, especially those that they are passionate about. Walking a dog is a great way to meet other dog walkers and people who stop to pet your dog." Blogging, she says, is "21st-century dog walking."

Conclusion: Niche audiences still exist. And, yes, the long tail is real.

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