Don’t forget to buy Ice

Last week I was at the grocery store. At each of the self checkouts was a small note that saidBag of ice "Don’t forget to buy ice". This is great marketing for a few reasons.

1). Place. The ice is not far from the checkout, making it easy to grab a bag while in the checkout line.

2). Price. Ice is cheap, so the decision to purchase doesn’t involve much risk.

3). Timing. It is summer time, making ice more necessary than any other time of the year.

4). Feeling. It makes the customer feel like the store is looking out for them rather than gouging them.

The Big Deal: Customers can be sold complementary products rather easily. The key is finding the places and times that they’re willing to be upsold. Is it right as they select the HDTV that you can suggest the home theater package or when they’re at the cash register with a case of beer that you can sell aspirin?

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