Employee relations gone public; part two

In case you haven’t seen a U.S. news site today, GM has a crisis on its hands. Not only does General Motors have to deal with over 73,000 disgruntled employees, but it has to deal with countless media inquiries.

In case you’re wondering what caused the strike was caused by, here is an excerpt from the story filed by CNN.

Gettelfinger said the union was ready to discuss the company’s key
bargaining goal of shifting an estimated $51 billion in healthcare
expenses for retirees and their family members to union-controlled
trust funds. But he said that other issues had derailed hopes of an

The union president said he was looking for assurances
from the company about the job security of UAW members. He said he
wanted guarantees about how much GM would invest in U.S. plants and
about how many new vehicles would be built in the United States.

It’ll be interesting to see how GM handles this with both the media and its employees, and how long it stays in the news.

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