Future Internet Adoption Rates

Today, I decided to do some research into what the Earth’s Internet user makeup will be in the future.
Here is an article I read on Clickz that was posted a few weeks back (June 26, 2007). Below are some highlights from the article. (statistics in the article were provided by JupiterResearch).

The Highlights:

Right now, 1.1 billion people have regular access to the Internet.

By 2011, 1.5 billion people will have regular access to the web.

China and India will grow the most in terms of Internet adoption rates by 2011.

17 percent of China will be online in 2011.

7 percent of India will be online in 2011.

22 percent of the Earth will surf the web regularly in 2011.

42 percent of the Earth’s Internet users will be located in Asia in 2011.

What these statistics suggest is that now is the time to invest in Internet-based companies that can market products in these growing markets. E-commerce will be slower to adopt than general internet surfing. But, if a company can establish a brand and work out any service errors before the market truly comes, they’ll be positioned perfectly to take off when the large growth occurs.

The thing to remember, especially with China and India, is that wealth is not distributed equally. Also,  just because there is a huge number of people, doesn’t mean there is a huge market for your product.
That being said, it’s likely that the first people using the Internet in those countries will be from a wealthier class, with more education and more purchasing power than their fellow countrymen and women.

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