Link: 2008 Ad Age Search Marketing Fact Pack

Here is a link to the 2008 Ad Age Search Marketing Fact Pack.

Here are some of the key things I noticed when looking through the data.

Keyword Data

As the Internet continues to gain content, search queries continue to get more and more specific.

See slide 14 for the percentage data breakdown of search queries by word count. 

Growth in Revenue at the 25 Largest Search Marketing Companies

SEM services continue to show growth. The five largest SEM service companies were up an average of 21.6 percent.

See slide 32.

Budget Shifts from Print to Web

32% of respondents of a SEMPO survey said they were shifting marketing dollars from print magazine advertising to SEM.

See slide 26.

No Surprise, Google Still Dominates

Google grew market share yet again. It now has 63% market share for search (up 6.5% YOY using August 07-08 data).   (63.1% market share in October 2008 according to ComScore)

See slide 11.

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