6 PR Tactics to help your Personal Brand

Public relations professionals help the companies they represent maintain a positive reputation with people, or groups, important to the organization’s success. 

It seems very straightforward.

To accomplish this, though, PR professionals use a variety of tools to help their clients gain goodwill in the markets that they operate.

This post is intended to point out ways that a professional can grow his/her brand, and reputation, by utilizing public relations tactics.

– Professional organizations.  Being involved in professional organizations can be a good way to grow your network and create new relationships.

– Awards. As superficial as it may seem, awards do lend credibility and provide reassurance. Most industry groups, publications and non-profits give out yearly awards.

– Community service. Community service is a great way to generate goodwill and make new relationships.

– Letters to the Editor. These are free, easy to distribute and are a good way to get your ideas out.

– Writing Articles. Writing guest articles in publications is a free way to gain some publicity. However, these gigs are not that easy to land.

– Blogging. Whether it is creating your own blog or guest posting on someone else’s blog, blogging is a good way to get your name and ideas out. Blogs also rank well with search engines, which HR professionals are using more and more to find out about potential candidates.   

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