Solving Problems or Diffusing Problems

Businesses make mistakes. Whether it is a cable installer not showing up for their appointment or a construction company that doesn’t meet the deadline they promised, it’s not how a company arrives at a problem that determines their brand, it’s how the organization deals with it.

As with many things, the value placed on customer service varies from person to person. However, people know about companies with bad customer service.

This (reputation) happens because a business problem that turns into a customer
service failure
leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. It doesn’t live up to expectations, thereby deflating trust in the relationship.

So my question to customer service managers is are you diffusing problems, a.k.a. getting the person to go away, or are you solving problems, a.k.a. finding a workable solution that both parties agree upon?

Customer service issues are opportunities to strengthen brand loyalty, if they’re dealt with correctly in the eyes of the customer.

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