Thoughts 1 Year After Writing an Ebook

Overall, writing an ebook was a great experience.

It was easy to publish and distribute. Also, it forced me to communicate my knowledge in a digestible to first-time readers. 

If you're like me, or many bloggers for that matter, you're using your blog as a credibility springboard for your career.

An ebook is a cheap tactic that can spread your ideas beyond your blog, not to mention garnering links back to blog if it's well-received. 

It can help you get speaking gigs, consulting offers, credibility building testimonials, new RSS subscribers, and much more. 

Statistics for We Have a Web site. Now What? Part 1
Downloads = 500+
Testimonials = 5
Consulting Offers = 4
Recognition = Recommended by Chris Brogan*, Advertising Age Top 10 marketing blogger according to the Power 150. 

*I've never met him, but check out his ebook called Trust Economies on relationships and communities

Feedback from some of the Readers
"Simple and to the point." – Colleen
"Very useful, easy to follow." – Ansias
"Good, simple to understand, interesting short (and) sharp samples." – Unknown
A good non-technical explanation of SEO concepts." – Albert
"You've really made the book easy-to-understand for non-techie people. Thanks!"    - Emily

Tip: If you write an ebook, create a survey to gather suggestions, thoughts and testimonials.

Download my first ebook,  We Have a Web site. Now What?

News: Part 2 of the ebook series is the works. It will focus on off-page SEO factors.

Other possible installments, include:

  • Conversion Methods and Tracking
  • Going Social – Leveraging Social Media
  • Analytics
  • E-mail Marketing

Hopefully, I will find time to publish and package the series for sale the series using Lulu.

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