5 Press Release Distribution Lists

Writing and distributing press releases is not that hard. Below are some lists that outline places that allow for free and paid press release distribution. Some even tell you the PageRank of the site, the purpose of the site and the costs associated, if applicable.

Press Release Distribution Lists

Press Release Point

List Notes: 62 sites. Informative table that outlines PageRank, Costs, What's Included for Free, Turnaround Times for Distribution.

Mashable – 20+ Free Sites

List Notes: Provides profiles about each Web site.

Arabian Affiliate

List Notes: Big list, but it only provides PageRank about each site.

I Do Web Marketing

List Notes: Big List, but doesn't provide information about each site.

Naked PR

List Notes: Big List, but doesn't provide information about each site.

Productivity Tip – Focus

Focus only on high value sites, such as
general sites that send out to a lot of journalists and have high
PageRanks. Then, focus on niche distribution sites if their available
in your industry.

Productivity Tip #2 – Media Pitching

Don't be afraid to send your press release to a section editor if you know it fits their topic and is timely. 

Most magazines and newspapers have staff directories on their Web site. Often, though, they're buried. They don't want to be inundated with crap.

So, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Productivity Tip #3 – Tweet the Media

Look up your local affiliate broadcast station or newspaper on Twitter. Rally some friends to retweet your story.

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