Coming Soon: How I built a 60+ page E-commerce Web site in under 40 Hours

As you may have noticed, I recently added a sidebar banner advertisement to my blog about a Web site called Moped and Scooter Parts.

It's a project I was working on the past few weeks (which has kept me from blogging).

It's somewhat of a joint venture involving my Dad and me.

I plan to put together a report that outlines:

  • what tools and resources I used to built this Web site in under 40 hours
  • how it ranks in the top 10 search results for most relevant keyword phrases,
  • miscellaneous details about the web hosting service I am using, software used, costs, etc.
  • other useful tips about Web site building. 

I'm hoping it will help inspire others that haven't 'found the time' to build a Web site they've thought about.

Look for it next week.

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