Conversation and Talk; Dissecting the Powerball

In everyday life people talk about a lot things. During these instances, people often spread news around to friends, family and coworkers.

A marketer’s job is to create enough excitement that people will entertain and spread your ideas. With the Powerball being so high right now, $164 million, I thought I’d share a link to something I read on the Powerball site sometime ago.

The part I’d like you to notice is very close to the bottom, with the title: "I HAVE A GAME IDEA;  YOU SHOULD GIVE 200 PEOPLE $1 MILLION EACH."

The Powerball doesn’t do it because they tried it and sales declined.

I would argure that happened because people didn’t talk enough to make it as profitable as having one large jackpot. Which is likely the obvious answer. However, I think this principle applies to many other things than just the Powerball.

When creating a memo, brochure, trade show booth, PowerPoint presentation, are looking for examples and templates? If so, you’re likely to be lumped together with other unoriginal things that aren’t worth mentioning.

When having a promotion, are you giving away a gift card? When doing a client appreciation event, do you have a one day golf outing every summer?

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