Drawing People in from Within: Internal Marketing

A part of human resources and public relations is employee communications. Whether that is handling a terrible layoff, a company accident or determining employee benefits.

A phrase I’d like to coin is Internal Marketing. By that I mean, how are you treating employees so that they will want to embody your brand. How are you positioning the company versus other potential companies for these employees.

Some of the best companies already go this extra mile. Whether its offering free food in "on-campus" cafes (Google) or having a world-class maternity leave program like Deloitte, these benefits allow for employees to become brand ambassadors for the companies they work for. In addition, these benefits demonstrate a commitment to employees that customers can learn and care about.   

The Big Deal
: Just as it is expensive to gain new customers, it is expensive to deal with employee turnover.

I understand that bottom lines can get pinched and there are laws regarding how benefits can be offered to employees. However, imagine the media attention a company would receive if a CEO gave back five percent of their salary. One gesture like that, coupled with an increased commitment to employees, could dominate the media and win customers, while keeping and attracting great employees.

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