Recently I learned about, and started using, a great site called Jigsaw.Jigsawlogo

What is it?

Essentially Jigsaw is a shared database that you can use to find and retrieve contact information.

How it Works?

With Jigsaw, you can get people’s contact information either by paying for it, by updating contact information for individuals or by adding your contacts to the database.  When you add or update contacts you get points that can be used to retrieve other contacts from the database.

For signing up they give you two free contacts.  You also get points for referring new members (see below).

Why Would You Use Jigsaw?

Jigsaw comes in handy for me when my company’s CRM has out-of-date information for someone.

CRM Integration

Currently Jigsaw is intgerated with, Oracle and Siebel.

Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw, told me they’re in talks with Act about integrating Jigsaw. He also said that Maximizer CRM systems is on Jigsaw’s radar. 

(How cool is it that the CEO of Jigsaw monitors Technorati for blog coverage, comments to bloggers and responds to questions from bloggers within 24 hours?)

Sign Up

If you want to become a member, use this Jigsaw referral link so I get some points. 🙂