Long-tail keywords

I read a few interesting articles with differing view points on whether or not you should target long-tail keywords.

For targeting long-tail keywords by Jennifer Laycock.

Why you should target the most competitive keywords by Hamet Batista.

I really like Jennifer’s description, image and examples of the search buying cycle.


My Take on Long-Tail Keyword Targeting
My take is that it depends on the type of site you have. If it’s a blog that wants readers, go for generic keywords because that’s where the big traffic is. If you have a used car web site, go for long-tail keywords that are easier to rank well for and will likely convert at a higher rate.

Does your site get more conversions (e-mail sign-ups, purchases, etc.) from long-tail keywords or generic keywords?

Let me know in the comments. Please note what market your company competes in as well.

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