More Choices = Better Marketing

Great marketing takes a lot of work.

A marketer must understand how people will respond to different, controllable and uncontrollable factors at different points in a business transaction.

Andy Sernovitz, author of "Word of Mouth Marketing" and CEO of Gas Pedal, had a great post today about e-mail marketing.

His thought is that marketers should add more choices than just unsubscribe, on the unsubscribe page of an e-mail marketing message.

The Big Deal
When customers are given only two choices, interact or don’t interact, it limits their options, forcing them to make a more important decision than may be necessary. In addition, it puts more weight on outside factors, such as timing.

By providing more choices, it allows the customer to reflect on how they want the relationship to continue.

Think of  the unsubscribe page like determining the options for your spouse’s custodial rights.

Dad = Company
Mom = Customer
Kids = E-mail marketing message

Two Choice Scenario
Should the Mom (customer) be able to see the kids (marketing message) whenever the Dad(the other parent) wants to drop them off, or not at all?

Many Choice Scenario
Or, should the Mom be able to see the kids  as much as before, Monday-Wednesday-Friday,  Holidays & Birthdays, whenever she specifies or never.

My guess is that Mom would want to see the kids at least sometimes if she’s given the option, and most customers are at least interested seeing what promotions you’re having.

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