The New Workforce — Generation Y

In the current issue of Fortune there is a great article about Generation Y – individuals that it defines as being born between 1977 and 1995. Since I am a part of that generation I thought I would write a bit about my generation and what I see as its biggest strengths and weaknesses while being
as objective as possible.


Intelligence. We’re highly advanced in terms of concepts and ideas. Many people older than us cannot think as quickly.

Tech. While not all us may know the technical side of technology, Generation Y is the most up-to-date generation when it comes to technology. This allows Generation Y to handle their ultra-busy schedules and achieve a lot in a short amount of time.


Intelligence. We’re educated to the point that we often trust our instincts and discount others opinions. Rather than thinking about learning something new and biding our time, we’d rather jump right in with the knowledge we have and learn by trial and error.

Ignorance. Many of us act like the world revolves around us and will cater to us.

The Big Deal: I agree with the article in that Generation Y and corporations will have to compromise somehow since we are the generation to take over for the retiring Boomers. I also think that our generation will use its skills and knowledge in profound ways that will benefit the environment and American society. We are the first generation that grew up with the Internet and all of its features. We adapt to change faster than our elders which may help the United States stay at the forefront of global business.

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