Opening Up

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Comcast announced its plans to release a device calledComcastpanasonicanyplay
"AnyPlay", a portable DVD/CD Player that will allow users to record and playback up to 60 hours of footage from cable TV using DVR technology via a docking station of sorts.

(see right for a picture of the AnyPlay from CNet, click to enlarge)

The device is being co-developed by both Panasonic and Comcast.

More on the AnyPlay device from CNet  and Reuters.   

PC World has Comcast’s chief executive Brian Roberts quoted as saying,

"The era of closed cable is over and the era of open
cable is here."

Talk about a (great) shift in mindset.

After Verizon announced its plans to open its networks to other cell phones later this year there is a definite shift in thinking taking place amongst executives at cable and cellular companies.

Rethinking your strategy, leveraging your assets and trying to serve your customers better is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

More of the same is usually a losing strategy.

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