Permission Bacon and the VCard in MS Outlook

One of my beliefs is to be successful you need to make it easy for people to do business with you.

There are many ways to do this. I just had another first-hand (negative) experience this week.

The SituationBacon
A lady (salesperson), whom ever I’ve never met nor talked to, called me to introduce herself and wanted to give me a rundown of the services that her company provided. She had worked with our company in the past and basically wanted me to add her to my metaphorical rolodex.

So, rather than wasting my time on the phone with her, I told her to send me e-mail describing their services.

I gave her permission to send bacon. Not spam. Bacon. E-mail that I don’t want right now, but may
have utility in the future.

She did.


Great. I have her contact info and 250+ words on what her company offers.

However, she didn’t attach a Vcard to the e-mail.
(click on the small image on the right to view a sample Vcard.)

She took the experience from run of the mill — what I wanted at the time — to somewhat of a pain the ass.

Lesson: Make it easy for people to rally behind you and get your contact info.

Here are some links for how to make a Vcard in Outlook and Outlook Express.

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