PR scandals and rebounds

Here is a brief slide show from Fast Company that mentions companies that went through PR scandals and survived.

The eight brands that Fast Company says are rebounding are:


Exxon Mobil
Ford/Firestone – debatable
Martha Stewart

This list made me think of other brands that rebounded and aren’t like to rebound.


Other brands that rebounded from PR scandals

Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Prices movie.  Click here to view the trailer
Taco Bell – E. Coli
Bill Clinton – Monica
Home Depot – Lumber suppliers
Nike – Child labor

Brands that probably won’t rebound from PR scandals

Enron – Fraud, Conspiracy
Britney Spears – Excessive Partying, Divorce, Head Shave
Lindsey Lohan – Drunken Driving, Excessive Partying
Michael Richards – Racism

If you’re interested, here is a list of companies that were involved in scandals. My apology, the list was compiled in 2002, but it does allow you to see if/how the company rebounded in the past five years.

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