PR through Marketing

Whether it is a great ad campaign, a unique promotion or in-store displays that people want, gaining positive PR through marketing is certainly a great thing. It increases the amount of awareness, allows ideas to go spread virally and brings in third-party sources to disseminate the information. Basically, it keeps on working for the organization when they’re not spending money.711

Here is a link to an MSN article about this topic.

The latest example: 7-11 converted 11 stores into Kwik-E-Marts for the new Simpsons movie. In addition, 7-11 is selling Simpsons-branded products, from Krusty-O’s to donuts.

7-11 has a history of unique marketing tactics. 7-11 paid the Chicago White Sox to begin home games at 7:11 PM.

I like this idea for a few reasons.

First, Simpsons is a very popular show, so it gives 7-11 a shot to reach more of the masses. Usually this is not a good approach, but for a huge chain of convenience stores with locations like 7-11, I think it makes sense.

Secondly, fans of the Simpsons have waited a long time for this movie. Thus, they’ll be willing to drive further and wait longer for collectibles.
Third, It creates a sense of urgency, not only for customers but for the media. Journalists and bloggers both realize that there is a window of opportunity for them to piggy back this great idea.

How will you not only break through the marketing and advertising clutter, but also get customers through the door or to the Web site to convert sales?

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  1. I didn’t know about the Sox and the 7:11 thing. That is great (and subtle) marketing right there.


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