5 Ways to Reward Good Profitable Behavior

It amazes me when companies reach out more to new customers, with special perks and discounts, than their best existing customers.

As such, I thought I’d pass along some ways, in both the online and offline worlds of business, to reward your customers for good profitable behavior.

Here are five things I came up with.


  • Free shipping for a year for ordering more than X amount of  dollars the previous year.
  • Develop a points-based rewards program in an industry that doesn’t normally have one.


  • Special shopping hours. Imagine walking into an uncrowded store on Black Friday evening, after all the smoke has cleared, with all of  your targeted merchandise on hand.
  • A convenience-based, headache releiving reward that doesn’t exist for first-timers.
    • Advance rain checks for your best customers on Black Friday merchandise. Tee times outside the normal range, reservations at restaurant that doesn’t take them.

Both Online and Offline

  • Exclusive benefits for purchasing X amount of goods or paying a membership fee.

The key with these types of rewards is to make them great so that your best customers tell their friends, and low frequency customers start buying more often because of the rewards for doing so are so enticing.

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