The Environmental Wave

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest marketing trend is Green. By green, I mean environmental responsibility. Companies are looking to tap into people’s desires for a cleaner environment by promising them some form of positive action, usually in the form of a donation to a cause. This concept works hand-in-hand with big business’s general increase in social responsbility over the past five to ten years.

But, like a brand, companies should be aware that once they take a position on a social or environmental issue, consumers will want them to show their commitment to that promise year after year.

The latest example of a big company turning this direction is American Express, with its program titled The Members Project. Below is the TV ad spot that I saw with regards to the project by AmEx.

Unlike some other companies, it seems that American Express took a smart stance on this by saying the project is driven by something concrete — the number of cardholders that join. Also, I think the branding of the program is wise. It uses the term "Members Project"; portraying that people are part of a club, working for progress together.

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