When and How to Ask

For feedback.

Asking for feedback is easily forgotten in many companies. In fact, asking customers for more than what is needed to process the order is easily forgotten. Whether salespeople are busy, deadlines are tight or employees are too lazy, feedback can be a tough thing to gather.

Feedback is important. It can lead to a better understanding of customers wants, internal process improvement and a boost in employee morale, in addition to many other things.

I’d suggest asking different customers for feedback at multiple times in the pre-sale and post-sale decision making process.

Another thing to do is to ask people that decided not to order from you why they didn’t?

Any solicitation for feedback, from an unhappy or happy customer,  can be rationalized if the person knows it will benefit herself or others in the future.

There are plenty of free services online that help you create a survey.

Some Ways to Gather Feedback

Via E-mail Message – Create an e-mail survey that can easily be responded to and completed.

E-mail Link – Survey Monkey

Via Web site – QuestionForm

Printed Survey

Via Standard Mail

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