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On-Page SEO ebook Cover

My SEO e-book is now ready for downloading, viewing and sharing. (see below)

The e-book is 18 pages.

It provides straightforward advice for entrepreneurs new to  search engine optimization. It may also be of great benefit to those in marketing, public relations or advertising as well.

It features an example of a page that is properly optimized for the search term "sore throat". Using the example, I point out certain aspects of search results as well as the underlying code that corresponds to the optimization advice.

The e-book also features resources that will allow for quicker implementation.

While improving on-page SEO items alone does not guarantee higher search rankings, the advice lays the foundation for proper search engine optimization of your site.

The book is free of charge. In return, I just ask that you do one of two things.

1. If you read the book, please provide feedback via e-mail or through this survey.
2. If you learn something new about SEO from the book, pass it on to a friend.


We Have a Web site. Now What? Part 1.   SEO-E-book    (PDF)

How to Save the PDF

Once you've opened the PDF, click on 'File', then click 'Save Page As'. A dialogue box should appear that will allow you to save the PDF to your hard drive.


I will be working on the second part of the series that will focus on off-page SEO items such as PageRank, inbound and outbound links, and visitor behavior. If you'd like to be notified when it's released, send me an e-mail.


  1. very useful articles…..I think seo off site more important and power full for getting free traffic than seo on site, I already implemented for my web……so I am focus on off site optimization…thanks

  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree, off-site SEO tactics are important for search rankings, especially in competitive markets.
    I do think that on-site items are the foundation for big SEO gains using off-site tactics.
    I am working on an e-book that explains the various off-site seo factors that are taken into account including inbound links, link building, and the difference between two links, how to check your inbound link quantity, etc.

  3. Thank you. I was looking for something about SEO and this was perfect. I learned a few things by doing a quick read of it, but I will return and re-read it more in depth later. I’m also sending it to a friend who could probably find it useful too. Thanks!

  4. If you’ve been trying to make it in affiliate marketing for any length of time you’ve probably seen this in action over and over again.

  5. A good SEO e-book cover an introduction of how search engines work, how are the pages indexed etc. Basic on-page SEO optimization like unique titles and descriptive header tags should be included in the e-book as well.SEO e-book should also contains how to achieve good rankings by link baiting, which attracts relevant inbound links to a designated page and hence, generate highly targeted traffic to the site.

  6. What a nice implementation. It is very much helpful to the beginners like me.Your book contains all the valuable information about seo. Thank you for sharing.:)

  7. What a nice implementation. It is very much helpful to the beginners like me.Your book contains all the valuable information about seo. Thank you for sharing.:)


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