SEO Tip: Page Titles

To promote my first installment of my free SEO e-book series, I am giving out free on-page SEO advice from the book.

This week’s tip relates to page titles and how they should be used.

Page Titles
Here are two things to keep in mind with page titles.

  • Page titles should contain no more than 5 words that are keyword-centric and directly relate to what is on the corresponding page.
    • Using more than five words in a page title dilutes the strength of each word.
  • Place important keywords early in the page title. The first word in a page titles receives the highest reward.

Another SEO Tip to Remember
Remember, page titles are the first thing people see on on a search engine results page. (commonly referred to as SERP). So, they’re not only important for rankings, but they’re also important for your click-through rate (commonly referred to as CTR). It is one thing to appear high in the search results, it’s another thing to actually have people click-through to view your content.

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